Christmas 2020

This year I decided we are doing something new. Every year the kids make these extravagant lists of things they don't really need. Some of the things they might want, other things just because they need something to put on the list. Then the list gets sent to everyone, mom, dad, multiple sets of grandparents, etc. So, as you can imagine - chaos begins. Who is going to buy what, how many duplicates will we end up with, utter pandemonium. Enough is enough. I said - NOT THIS YEAR! So for the first time ever, as a family we went to a tree farm and cut down our first real Christmas tree. My kids are 20, 19, and 13. Each year I do try to fill some wish tags, or adopt a family for the holiday but this year I wanted my kids to help. I still did some shopping on my own, but my 2 youngest got to help me pick out some tags and do the shopping. We aren't "wealthy" by any means, but we do well enough to know that their are people and children that have needs that exceed our own. When a child is asking for socks or a coat, there is certainly something on our lists that we can sacrifice to help others.

I know this years concept of gift giving within our own family has been a little bit more of a challenge. I have asked the kids to figure out ways to do thoughtful gifts, meaningful gifts. No more just going out and shopping for random things. We have to do things together, make things, find a way to pick a gift that touches the emotions. Non-materialistic is the goal.

Honestly, Christmas isn't here yet, but I am already enjoying this year more than others.

We've made memories. A wander through a small tree farm to pick our own tree, who knew if could be more fun than pulling a tree out of a box? Picking out gifts for kids we will never meet, just makes you feel good.

In a year of such chaos, trying to find ways to bring the family together has been important to me. I want my children to grow up and to want to do good and be kind to others. From my point of view, my children are amazing and kind and always strive to find ways to do good in this crazy crazy world. I wish more people would try to be kind to one another.

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