CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocate - Training has begun

I started my training 3 weeks ago. In some states a CASA is referred to as a GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) but since I'm in New York we use the term CASA. Did you know there are over 400,000 kids in foster care? I was never abused or neglected as a child and I was raised in a 2 parent household. I now have 3 children of my own and have raised them as a single parent since my youngest was 2 (now 14). Through my training I have learned so much about the trauma that children experience and it's heart-wrenching. Children need support, love and permanency. As we learn more from our training, I find myself spending time focusing on what gave me success as a parent. It's the support system. My mom, I could have never done it without her. My babysitter, my kids spent more time with her than they did with me while I was at work. Realizing it just takes a few people to really make it work is critical. Think about it. Do you have kids? How do you manage your daily activities? Now, picture yourself with NO ONE to support you. A poverty stricken family trying to provide for their kids does not necessarily have the same people to lean on.

Today I read an article that kind of pissed me off. 33 life skills your kids need to know to "Adult". I've had to approach this from 2 sides. The article isn't wrong, but if you are reading the article from the mindset - What are kids aging out of foster care going to do survive?, you might get a little upset like I did. The article talks about where to park a car, packing for vacation, booking a flight, I'm sure you get the drift. These are items "privileged kids" need to know. This is a list for kids that have been raised in a safe home and have opportunities laid out ahead of them and a family to fall back on when something goes awry. I'm still looking for the 33 life skills teens aging out of foster care need to know to "Adult". I'm going to find it, or I'm going to write it.

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