CASA -Court Appointed Special Advocate

My journey into something new. As a teenager I watched a movie titled, Losing Isaiah. This movie touched me to the core. It moved me so much I almost hyperventilated crying when I watched it for the first time. From that day forward I have dreamed of helping children in need. Life doesn't always end up going as planned. I have raised my 3 children and life was always so busy with work and stuff that I just never found the time to get involved. Recently, I happened upon something that I didn't know existed. CASA - this is a volunteer position appointed by family court judges to advocate for children who have been abused or neglected. There's a simple application process, reference checks, a background check, an interview and 30 hours of training. I have just been notified that training will start at the end of January for 10 weeks. I'm looking forward to this new journey and hope that I can make a difference. I will share more information with you as I learn it. I am hoping to make more people aware of these opportunities that exist because I always thought if I didn't have time to be a foster parent or a degree in the right field, I couldn't help. I am glad I went digging deeper to happen upon this opportunity.

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Court Appointed Special Advocate (Volunteer)